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If you’d like to sponsor heycheri.com and get your brand or product out to the masses who either read my blog or stalk me across the Internet each day, here’s the low-down:

Have something you think my readers will enjoy? Shoot me a pitch via my contact page. Products, experiences, clothing, video games — whatever — if it’s a good fit for my readers (but most especially for me), I’d be happy to take a look. The best way to do this is to appeal to my lifestyle. Help me understand how I can create an organic story around your brand that fits into my life. My readers know me for my authenticity above all else, so help me visualize how we can create an authentic story around your brand together!

Previous Brand Sponsors:

  • Health and Beauty
    • Benefit
    • Herbal Essence’s
    • Eden Allure
    • Jemma Kid Makeup
    • Maybelline
    • Michael Todd Cosmetics
    • Pandora’s Makeup Box
    • Physician’s Formula
    • Sedona Lace
    • Sibu Beauty
    • YoYo Lip Gloss
  • Gaming
    • Nintendo
    • Ouya
    • Gunnar Optiks
    • Insert Coin Clothing
    • J!NX Clothing
    • Joystick Junkies
    • Kontrol Freek
    • MadCatz
  • Clothing
    • Vienne Milano
    • CC1827
    • Hot Miami Styles
  • Cellphones
    • Nokia
  • Gift
    • Gemvara
    • Lelo
  • Food
    • PopChips
    • RedBull

Please note that all sponsored posts will be fully disclosed to my audience. Again, my personal brand thrives on authenticity. My readers trust my opinion and know I wouldn’t advertise for something I don’t 100% believe in.

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