Who’s the dumbass who accidentally deleted her Tumblr last night?

Ugh. It’s so sad. All of those selfies gone to waste. All of those hilarious conversations and funny memories — gone. Just gone!

I mean, maybe, in a way, it’s a good thing, because I was sort of just using Tumblr as an alternative posting platform to heycheri.com. Because of this, I ended up neglecting my actual blog, which is why you almost never see me posting on here anymore.

So, okay. Silver linings, I guess.
Now that my Tumblr is dead, I can go back to posting on my website.
I mean, I do pay for this thing. I probably should use it.

And okay. Admittedly, I was a little tipsy when I deleted my Tumblr. The two bottles of ridiculously expensive champagne shared between three friends after gorging on raw oysters were probably not working in my favor. What I was trying to do was delete this additional blog I had created on my main Tumblr account, but in my drunken and impatient stupor, I wasn’t looking very closely at what I was doing and — oh, who cares.

It’s gone.
Nothing I can do about it now.

I guess that means I should go back to posting all of my selfies, art, and other ridiculous things right here on my actual blog again.

So … Uh …
Here goes, or something.


Cheese! Maybe if we weren’t so tipsy, we could have captured the beautiful bay bridge view behind us. Whoops. Damn champagne.


This is one of those pictures that is either going to make you want to puke, or make you extremely hungry. For me, it’s the latter.

I am obsessed with oysters. Dear God, I love them. Put them in front of me and I will slurp them down while frothing at the mouth with excitement. You want to take me out to eat on a date but can’t figure out what we should get? The answer is oysters. You want me to leave my apartment because you haven’t seen me in months and I’m being a social recluse again? The answer is oysters. You just want me to like you in general and want to score bonus points? The answer is oysters.

Oysters are pretty much on par with potato chips for me. The gods of food: oysters and anything potato-y. Ohhh potatoes …


As cute as this outfit is, that is not a skirt you want to be wearing on a windy day. Ugh. I think I squealed every thirty seconds or so whenever a strong gust of wind blew the hem of my skirt up and over my butt. Whyyyy, God, whyyyyy?

I forget who told me this, but a male friend of mine once said that whenever a man sees a woman in a skirt, the first thing he does is hope and pray the wind will blow it up and give him a look at her bum. I’m pretty sure I answered several prayers on the pier this evening. :/

These pictures are not chronological at all, by the way. Also, it’s about 5AM right now, and for some reason, whenever I drink alcohol, I pass out, then wake up in the middle of the night and end up unable to get back to sleep. I’m not exactly at my sharpest at the moment. Also, I have hiccups. Hi.


Makeup-free and hanging out with one of my favorite photographers, Jeremy Cortez (remember that shoot we did?)! We were breaking bread together with my friend Jennifer Toy (a professional makeup artist who I actually met through Jeremy and who is now one of my favorite people on the planet), just grabbing salads at Pluto’s and tea at a cafe next door.

They both poked at me a little when they saw me, telling me they thought I’d died.
And okay. I deserved it.

For the most part, it’s pretty tough to get me to leave my apartment. I work from here, I eat here, I exercise here (when I’m not at yoga class or going for a run), and I pretty much never have a reason to leave other than to visit my boyfriend or my family. So when I actually do leave or do agree to hang out with my friends somewhere, my buddies always tease me with little quips like, “How does it feel to get fresh air?” And, “I can’t believe my eyes. Cheri, in the flesh.” Or, “This is only one hangout of many that you owe me at this point.”

But you know how it is.
Sometimes, you just get into one of those moods where you don’t feel like doing anything. I definitely do.

I value my “me-time”, and while I, yes, absolutely adore other people and definitely feed off of the energy one can only really get from interacting with other human beings, I also really love just being by myself sometimes. But if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you already know that about me.



Mmmm, sandwiches … Crumbs on the lips and everything. My mom made it for me while I was visiting the family in my hometown. Aren’t moms great?!

This picture was taken while running errands with my sister and picking up baby things for my nephew. When I’m in Stockton visiting my family, you will pretty much never see me wearing makeup. I just don’t bother. What’s the point? If you catch me in Stockton wearing anything other than sweatpants, workout gear, or pajamas, consider yourself lucky because I am a total bum when it comes to my hometown dress code.


Recently, I’ve been getting these weird comments saying things like, “What the fuck is up with all of these bloggers lately blogging about NOTHING? You’re a journalist — shouldn’t you be blogging about something worth reading?” And when I read those comments, I seriously want to just be like, “Excuse me? ‘Lately’? ‘LATELY’?? I’ve been blogging about nothing since I was 14 years old, and I’m preeeetty sure I’m doing something right, so I don’t know where you get off telling me what I should or shouldn’t blog about.” I will blog about nothing as much as I want, thank you very much. Buuut because I don’t believe in replying to idiots (seriously, I block and ban everyone with reckless abandon and laugh as I do it, too — no one is safe!), I suppose they’ll never hear my self-righteous retort.

Oh well.

… Lol.


This picture is old. But I like it. So I’m posting it here because although I did have it up on my Tumblr, I accidentally deleted my account like a dumbass, so I need to perpetuate the life of this photo. Hur hur.

A couple of things about this pic:

  1. That iPhone 4S was stolen from me some time ago. I am a magnet for thieves, I swear.
  2. I returned those Tiffany & Co sunglasses I’m rocking in my hair because I just couldn’t justify spending $350 on a single pair of sunglasses. I mean, I could buy a Beyonce and Jay-Z “On The Run” tour ticket for that price.
  3. That pink azalea tree on my shelf died a long time ago.
  4. Charlie, my peace lily (that big, leafy green plant) is still alive and well, and he is the most resilient, most amazing plant in the universe. I’m going to own him until I die. He’s like a super plant. Sometimes I wonder if he’s from another planet or something because, seriously, I’ve owned all sorts of plants at this point, and all of them are super high maintenance except for Charlie. I will literally leave my apartment for two or three weeks at a time, come home, water him a little, and boom — he’s back to normal in less than 30 minutes. I’m talking leaves going from total wilt-mode and leaning towards my carpet to leaping towards my ceiling with life. If you’re looking for a plant to make your apartment beautiful and purify the stale air in your room, get a peace lily. I’m not even kidding. They are amazing.
  5. I don’t have that camera calendar on my wall anymore. Someone crazy ripped it off in a psycho bipolar moment while visiting me, and I threw it away because it reminded me of that incident every time I laid eyes on it, and I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore.
  6. I have two post-it notes on my bedroom door, and they’re still there today. One says, “Contribute to the Kitchen” (I have roomies, and I want them to feel welcome, so I like to remind myself to leave nice things in the kitchen for them to eat or use), and the other says “Posture” (y’know, because you should always stand up straight — it’s more attractive).
  7. My hair is super long in this photo and it is completely healthy because I hadn’t dyed it yet. I am so excited! I’ve almost completely grown out my ombré dye (my hair grows crazy fast), and my natural hair is so much more healthy, glowing, and soft! Ahhh! Come back to me, natural hair! Come back to me! I’m really glad I finally gave dying my hair a shot, but honestly, I’m a natural-hair kinda girl and that’s that. Ah well.
  8. I really love striped shirts, apparently. No, seriously — go back and scroll through all of the photos I just posted of myself — I am wearing stripes in every single one of them. Wow.

Okay. It’s now 5:48AM and I can hear the birds chirping.
I am also finally sleepy again. Thank God.

Good night.
Er, morning.



Love, because why not,

Sephora’s Jewel Toned Eyeliner in Purple Matte



My favorite thing to do with my makeup right now is line my lower lash line in jewel-toned eyeliner. A bright sky-blue, or a sparkling purple — so gorgeous! They really make my light brown eyes pop.

I’m the sort of girl who only rocks one or two makeup looks on a regular basis. Crazy makeup is fun too, and I do go nutty with it on my more wild nights, but it’s just not practical for me on a regular basis so I always return to two very basic neutral looks in the same colors. If you’re the sort of girl who also only does simple eyeliner and neutral eyeshadow, consider jewel-toned eyeliner to mix up your routine! It’s a great way to make your look “pop” and it’s so simple and easy to apply.

This is Sephora’s 12 HR Wear Waterproof Jumbo Liner in Purple Matte. It’s $12 a stick, and it’s such a bright, vivid purple that really lasts all day! I tried the other shades of purple in the store (violet, lavender, etc), but none of them measured up to the vibrancy of this liner.

Sephora’s jumbo liners are some of my favorite products on the planet! Turquoise, Gold, and Beige are my other go-tos. I’ve worn these jumbo liners during day-long shopping trips, during nights out partying and dancing and sweating and drinking with friends, and during road trips to go wine-tasting, and they’ve always pulled through (I’m talking ZERO touching up needed). They glide on like butter, and because it’s such a wide pencil, it doesn’t feel like I’m stabbing myself in the eye when I run it along my waterline (easy application? Yes please). They don’t feel like “cheap” products at all. I’m in loooove!

But don’t just use these for liner …
Use them as an eyeshadow base!

Because the formula for this eyeliner is waterproof, they make an awesome primer for topping with similar eyeshadows and helping your makeup stand out! Guh. I can’t say enough good things about these magic makeup sticks. I wish I owned the whole collection! If you run out and get one for yourself, don’t forget to pick up a jumbo eyeliner sharpener as well. I have a super cute pink one from Sephora that has dual-action holes (that sounds dirty) — one for a regular sized eyeliner, and a hole for larger liners.



From left to right: Purple Matte, Turquoise, Gold, Beige



Have you tried Sephora’s Jumbo Liners before? Tell me about your experience and share your tips with me! And if you decide to run out and grab one yourself, I promise you, you will not regret it. I loooove mine.