Should I Bring Back My Beauty YouTube Channel?

Screen Shot 2013 11 25 at 1.41.30 AM Should I Bring Back My Beauty YouTube Channel? * heycheri sherilynn macale

Guess what, makeup and beauty fans?

Because of the near 500,000 views I have on a 2009 video of me just applying FOUNDATION (WTF?!), I’m very seriously considering bringing back my beauty channel on YouTube.

How can I ignore stats like these?!

Screen Shot 2013 11 25 at 2.04.05 AM Should I Bring Back My Beauty YouTube Channel? * heycheri sherilynn macale

If you’re pumped, let me know!  To all 20,200~ of you still subscribed, get excited! :)


PS. I was only 21 in that picture! It’s been forever since I’ve made YouTube videos. Four years! I am constantly getting requests from old subscribers to make new videos, and I’m always like, “Sure! Maybe one day!” I have been putting that off for 1,460 days too many, eh? By announcing my intent to possibly bring back MakeupByCheri here, I hope to make myself a little more accountable for the direction I take my next few projects. Chime into the comments and show some love! I missed you girls.

  • angelt

    I’d love if you could make makeup videos again! :D I used to watch your tutorials all the time!

  • heycheri

    angelt Awww! <3 The one thing I loved about making those videos was how much I seemed to really help people by doing them. Things that came really easily to me or “duh” to me — it was nice to know that by posting about them, other girls were getting something from it. :) I’m glad you liked my tutorials. If you have any requests for a video, please let me know?

  • Ashley Marie

    i totally think you should! Coincidentally, i was just watching your old videos LAST NIGHT! i love how real you are compared to others!

    • Sherilynn Macale

      D’awww, I’m “REAL”!? *__* That makes me happy. Haha. Better than the alternative of “fake”. ;P

  • Alexandra

    Yay! I loved your videos. :)

    • Sherilynn Macale

      Hoorah! Glad to be getting good feedback like this. :)

  • Kate

    I never thought this day would come !! YES PLEASE DEFINATELY!!

    • Sherilynn Macale

      Hahaha, such a cute reply. XD

  • Sandra

    Yes, please bring it back! And I have a request/suggestion for a tutorial already. :P Could you tell us how you get the flawless, glowing, hairless, pale skin you have from head-to-toe? Haha. I am curious on how to achieve that because I can never seem to no matter what I do.

  • carriecari

    Yess do it. I loved your makeup videos!

  • carriecari

    On another note, I would love to watch you draw as well. Lol.

  • RG

    If you’re talking about bringing back some of your old stuff…I’d love for you to bring back some of your even older stuff that was on livejournal =]

  • itsjessiee

    omg PLEASEE!!!! you honestly were one of the biggest reasons why i fell in love with make up and how i found my passion. your videos were the reason why i even got the courage to put myself out there! (i’m still a little noobie haha) but you were a huge inspiration for me! :)