Photoshoot: A Bit Risqué with LensExposure

October 11, 2013 Modeling

Behind the scenes at a recent shoot.

Whoops. I forgot to post these on my blog. If you follow me on Facebook or Tumblr, you’ve probably already seen these … But here they are again just in case. Photos are courtesy of the amazingly talented LensExposure’s Henry Alfonso Navarro.

As a warning, they’re a bit NSFW. Proceed with caution.



We were going for a sort of American Apparel slash Total Bitch vibe. Think we pulled it off?

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  1. Livya says:

    You’re beautiful. Just curious, have you ever played with the idea of getting your boobs done? I’m Russian/Chinese and completely flat. Sometimes it bums me out :(

  2. heycheri says:

    Livya I’m flat too! :) It’s okay. I’m like, 32A. And honestly, big boobs do *not* matter. If you’ve seen any of my recent pictures from Decompression on FB (, you’ll see I have tiny titties. If you’re worried about attracting men, I can tell you from personal experience: there are TONS of men out there who love tiny boobs on girls. ;P But if you just want them to feel comfortable in your own body and they would make you happy, I say go for it!
    Personally, I really like my breasts. :) Rock what you got. It’s all in your attitude anyway. <3

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