bath, body, & something naughty.

I recently went shopping for a whole buncha crap from The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works, etc — and I know how much you beauty junkies are into these shopping hauls, so I thought I’d share a few of the things I picked up. I wish I could show you everything, but I have no idea where some of the stuff has disappeared to. O_o … Oops.

Wallflowers and refills from Bath & Body Works! These little beauties are awesome for a small area, but definitely not something that works that well in, let’s say, your living room (unless you plan on plugging in two or three of those suckers at a time, but that can get a little expensive!). I’d reserve these for spaces like small bedrooms and bathrooms.

Bath & Body Works has new shampoos and conditioners in! … Well, either that, or I finally just noticed them. I picked up the “moisturizing” shampoo and conditioner in Sweet Pea scent — pretty much every girly girl’s favorite smell since it’s just so sickeningly sweet and fruity. I also picked up the Sweet Pea Fragrance Spray and Shower Gel, but I can’t be bothered to go snap a photo of that right now. -_-” Lazyyyy, lol.

I also picked up this manicuring set, which really needs no explanation.

And three amazing body butters from The Body Shop in Coconut, Strawberry, and Pink Grapefruit. Oh my gaaawd — these make me smell amazing! The strawberry body butter is seriously like candy on your skin. I’m not even kidding. It’s sex lotion. Forreal. Smoosh with Strawberry Body Butter on your booty, ladies, because his face will be all over it. LOL. He’ll be nomming on your buttcheeks. Rofl.

I picked up the mini versions of these because I’ve never smelled them before, so I wasn’t sure if they were any good. But thankfully, the mini body butters are seriously all I need. They last a good amount of time! Great to rub on after your daily shower (if we all shower daily, that is).

A bamboo paddle hairbrush (because I always lose my hairbrushes for some reason, and also because my hair is getting super long and needs a strong brush like this), Shea Body Cream cleanser, and Almond Body Milk. The Shea Cream is amazing in the shower if you have one of those little yellow-sponge-on-a-rope things (what are they called?! I have no idea). You just squeeze some onto that and lather up! Mmmm! I SMELL SO GOOD ALL THE TIME, SERIOUSLY. Also, that Almond Body Milk is crazy! It’s like spraying milk onto your body, forreal, but it’s LOTION! O_o … It smells good though, no worries. Hahaha.

Spa Wisdom’s Honey & Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter, as well as Peppermint Foot Cream. HAAAAAHAHAHA. Okay, first of all, I got the peppermint foot cream because it reminds me of Mean Girls (that scene where Lindsay Lohan’s character switches Rachel McAdam’s face cream for foot cream in an attempt to “take down her evil empire”) — but it smells SO GOOD! LOL! My feet are so soft all the time, and they’re all nice and cool and omg. I just love it. Plus, the Honey & Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter is also just as amazing! I love the cute little jar, too.

I’m sure I’ve got more stuff laying around here somewhere.
Like this:

XD!! Do you even know what this is? It’s part of Lelo’s newest line of waterproof vibrators. ROFL. And before you say anything, just know that I did not purchase this myself. It was actually sent to me by Lelo’s PR team to test out! I guess they finally caught wind of the vibrator review that I did for them in the past and decided to throw this my way. Lucky me, right? What was I supposed to say? No?? Do you even know how expensive Lelo vibrators are?! The item above alone costs about $160. Know that these are freakin’ top-of-the-line luxury pleasure objects equipped with 10 year warranties. They make vibrators in SOLID GOLD. Their most expensive piece is worth over $13,500!! WTTTFFFF!!

… But I have to say, Lelo has never disappointed me in terms of the quality of their products. And the Isla from their new Insignia line is no different. I am very pleased with it.

It looks a little alien-like, I know, but when you factor in the idea that you’ll be holding this thing under water (if you plan on using it in the bath, anyway), that hole at the base of it becomes much more ergonomical. No slipping, easier to hold beneath the surface, etc. I also like the fact that they included a brooch/pendant with the vibrator. That cracks me up. I am definitely the sort of person who would rock a vibrator logo on my coat lapel just as a conversational piece. XD I wonder who’d notice?

If you’re like me and expect only the best out of everything you choose to purchase or bring into your life, check out Lelo’s New Insignia Line. These are luxury vibrators — not coach class dildos shaped like jiggling jello shlongs. They’re the sort of toy that you almost wouldn’t mind being caught with. Elegant, sexy, classy, and just purely selfish fun (unless you plan on including your partner in the mix, that is).

And hey! Christmas is right around the corner. Nudge your hubby or boo-thing into picking one up for you, yeah? You’d be surprised how much fun it is adding a little kink into your sex life. And if there are any boys reading this with gals in their lives who’ve mentioned that they wouldn’t mind fooling around with a vibrator, do your girl a favor and pick her up something classy like a Lelo.

Trust me.
Nothing says I love you like a guaranteed orgasm with a 10-Year-Warranty.


Blogging at work,

  • Huong

    I Loooove Body Shop’s body butters! My all time favourites are almond (only sold seasonally, boo!) and papaya, I just wanna bite my arm after I put it on LOL

    • @Huong
      YESSSS! Almond does smell amazing, I agree! And same here!! Hahahaha. The first day I got these, I lotioned up every body part with a different scent, ROFL.

  • twitterfollower

    oh come on, videos or nothing? i understand about the pictures, but do you really think i’d make a whole facebook page including friends & family just to impress you? i’ll see what i can do. what is your email address?

    • @twitterfollower
      You would be surprised how insane some ppl are. :-P You can reach my email via the “Contact Me” button on my page.

  • I heart you girl. Lelo is the only brand of toys I play with, sex and luxe = love. My first was the Lelo Lily. Sweet and girly. I was eyeing the toy above you lucky duck. xo

    • @nerdy
      I AM lucky! And seriously so pleased that Lelo contacted me about reviewing their new line.
      But if I had to compare all of the toys I have from them … I will still say that I really like the Lelo Elise the best. First of all, it’s the biggest. And nothing feels more dirty and fun than playing with a big toy. Not to mention the Elise has TWO motors — one in the tip for internal stimulation, and one at the base for “outer” stimulation near the opening of your vag when fully inserted. It just has more raw power to it. Of course, you can’t play with it in the water. ;-P But that’s fine, as I don’t really take that many baths anyway. Haa! It’s all up to personal preference.

  • pho

    lol, okay, twitterfollower, I am gonna be needin some proof too. Lol. or, yknow, I’ll trust Cheri’s judgment (she has good taste in boys with the exception of G).

    aaaandddd….I’ve walked by the body shop and honestly, it makes me gag because the combination of smells are so strong lol. Something about the clean smells of B&B Works seem nicer to me. Soooooo — you’d pick body shop over ALLLOTHERLOTIONS you’ve tried? :P Like if there was one that you kept finishing and kept buying….?

    • @pho
      You’re right that B&BW have a “cleaner” scent. I noticed that when I finally tried the Shower Gel the other day!
      I would say that if you really like sweet, girly scents, Body Shop is the way to go. You smell like straight candyyyy. Everything they have is really distinct. B&BW is nice a well for that “cleaner” scent like you mentioned, but I also consider their stuff to be more “watered down” — does that make sense? It depends on the strength and effect that you want to achieve with your scents.

      And I refuse to choose when I know I can have both whenever I want. Rofl.

  • bubbletea

    Omgsh this is hilarious! With the vibrator I mean haha.
    Does the strawberry one smell that good? Becauseeeee there’s this guy I want to impress and I guess I wouldn’t mind smelling really good.
    Oh btw, I have a brief question; is it okay to like a teacher assistant? Pahahah I sound so cliche, but I am totally in love with mine! I try to talk to him all the time, he’s just so adorable, but I don’t know, can I do anything more than just talk? I don’t want to ask him out or anything, but I want him to ! haha
    Help me Cheriiii~

    • @bubbletea
      The strawberry one smells SO GOOD. It reminds me of like … I don’t know. Do you know what “Bubbleyum” is? Like that bubblegum that comes in those big squares? It reminds me of that smell, mixed with starburst candy. X-) It’s definitely the sweetest scent out of all of the body butters that I currently own — I really like it. I like how “girly” it is, pretty much. Heh.

      Also, heyyyy! I think you sent me that question before about the teacher assistant! I’m sorry — my email is always flooded with advice questions. It’s easier for me to just respond here in the comments. So to answer your question … I think that’s totally fine! But to separate work from personal life, I suggest approaching him AFTER the class is over and done with. This way, it won’t be awkward for the both of you if you (gasp) end up not clicking, and he won’t distract you (as much) during school.

  • bubbletea

    Ohhh hahah I see, I think I’ll get it then :D

    Yeah I did! Haha sorry I really needed someone’s advice on it. I don’t know like how to talk to him sometimes though; like the other day I went to visit him for help on a lab and told him really funny stories about my friend who used to TA too and he seemed to think it was really funny haha and then the next day in lab, my partner and I were last to finish (as usual) and I asked him a lot of questions like where he was from, why he chose our school for grad school, what he did in this place, etc. and he just asked me like what grade I was and where I was from. It’s so hard to talk to him after class though, he’s always on the go : (
    It’s so hard, I think I forgot how to flirt! Or just talk to guys I like because I haven’t liked a guy for like FOREVER haha. How do I know that we like click?

    • @bubbletea
      You always have to factor in the idea that a guy might be chit chatting with you just because he’s being nice. Believe me, there are a few boys that I still talk to who are constantly hitting on me, and I’m just “nice” back. Like, never acknowledging their flirting, but always polite so I don’t hurt their feelings. And who knows? Maybe they’re okay with that? Maybe they just like to flirt?

      Not me.
      With me, I’m the blunt type. If I like someone, I will get it out of the way the moment I feel it. If I start talking to someone and he’s cute and I can tell that he’s my type, I will straight up TELL him that and invite him to call me, or demand that he give me HIS number, etc etc etc. I’m not one to dwell on rejection anyway, so even if he ends up not liking me, it’s really no sweat off my back. It’s not like I invested a bunch of time into trying to get to know him first on the pretense that MAYBE I like him or MAYBE I don’t.

      People approach things differently. Some people want to start off as shy flirting friends, and other people (like me) want to skip the bullshit and just know right away so we can get to the good stuff! If you’re shy, that’s fine. Take it slow! But like I said, I would just be blunt about it if you’re seriously into him. And if there’s a chance that he might not like you too and you don’t want to deal with the drama/awkwardness, wait until your class has ended so you’ll never have to see him again if so.

  • LOL!!! Sheeesh, Lelo vibrator is quite effing expensive.. but hell, it’s universal..So, I might as well get it since it’s high end vibrator & it’s universal. ;) lmaooooo. <3 thanks . I love reading girls blog that talks about everything!!!

    • @Jennifer
      Well, good! I remember a while back, everyone kept trying to make me have my blog focus on ONE THING. Like JUST fashion, or JUST makeup, or JUST dating and relationships etc — but why can’t I talk about it ALL?! haha.

  • Helena

    New site looks SO MUCH better. The new layout seems to value the contents rather than you as a brand. A great call on making the change.

    • @Helena
      THAAAAAAAAANKS!! That’s what I wanted. A bit of a change — something that isn’t just all about me, but rather what I write and put out there. I think the header in the last layout was way too distracting. I was practically naked. Rofl.

  • rex

    Super impressive job of revamping the blog and your tumbler. Now if you would start devoting time to Goddess Cheri again, life would be perfect.

    • @rex
      uhm no. if you’re that desperate to serve me to fulfill your sick fantasy, there is this little thing i have called a “wishlist”. go get your rocks off.

  • Becky

    How pervy will I look if I get a Lelo product…?

    • @Becky
      Just as pervy as I do. :P