I took a trip to the mall today and tried on EVERYTHING!

After finishing up with work this morning, I pretty much spent my entire day lazing about the mall, trying things on, and wishing it was summer. I am obsessed with crop tops, bright colors, going without a bra (free your titties!), and floor-length skirts right now. Summer can’t get here quickly enough!

This is mostly just a silly post for my lovely lady readers. You know who you are.
Here’s to hoping I inspire your spring-to-summer wardrobe a little.

Behold: my dressing room adventures.

001 I took a trip to the mall today and tried on EVERYTHING! * heycheri sherilynn macale

Au naturale! Who wears makeup just to go shopping? I pretty much never wear makeup anymore unless it’s on a special occasion. I recently went on this “no-makeup thing” for a month or two (you know me and my weird “things”), and it was an amazing experience. I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin, and my pores are seriously thanking me for freeing them from all that goop I used to constantly paint onto it every single day. I thoroughly encourage everyone addicted to makeup to give it a try — it’s so freeing!

Admittedly, I do throw on a little bit of mascara every once in a while (like in this selfie), but that’s it. I think that, as you get older, you start appreciating the way you actually look versus how you appear when your face is completely contoured, blushed, eye shadowed, and lipsticked up. And unless you’re Kim Kardashian or something, you probably don’t have two or three hours free every day just to spend sitting around in a makeup chair. What a waste of your life!

Besides. I’ll only have my youthful looks until I’m around 40 or so — I may as well take advantage of this glowing and smooth skin while I still can, right?!

… Although my own mom still has amazing skin, and so does my dad. So maybe I’ll be lucky enough to have amazing skin forever? :P We’ll see.

01 I took a trip to the mall today and tried on EVERYTHING! * heycheri sherilynn macale

Is this not the most gorgeous floor-length maxi skirt ever?! Mint in color and just so soft and flowing! And those two slits to let your legs peek out when you walk — ugh! And I love this white lace crop-top — so form-fitting (though please ignore the little plastic tag thing inside of my shirt — it makes the fabric stick out, and it makes me look deformed, ha). I don’t care what anyone says — Abercrombie makes some of the cutest “All American” clothes ever, they always have my size, and the material is always quality. Plus, if you stay away from the stuff with the A&F label plastered all over it, they usually have some great finds.

02 I took a trip to the mall today and tried on EVERYTHING! * heycheri sherilynn macale

These cute and casual dresses from American Eagle are buy one, get one 50% off, and they come in XXS! I love picking up everyday wear from American Eagle. It’s another of those stores that carries the style I like (cute, comfy, bright, and classic), and it makes shopping so much easier since they always seem to carry my size!

04 I took a trip to the mall today and tried on EVERYTHING! * heycheri sherilynn macale

This white crochet faux crop-top from PacSun goes with everything. High-waisted shorts, cute skirts, patterned or solid bottoms — believe me, I tried everything on with it thought to myself, “Okay. I have to get this.” It reminds me so much of summer festivals and dancing in the sun, as well as laying out in Dolores Park on the grassy hills with friends. Plus, a lot of crop tops I’ve seen are typically more revealing, but with the crochet lace hanging down over the exposed skin, it feels a little more conservative while still being fun and flirty.

Then there’s this top …

005 I took a trip to the mall today and tried on EVERYTHING! * heycheri sherilynn macale

This flirty little top from PacSun also goes with everything, and it’s just so loose and flowy! I fell in love with it as soon as I put it on. I’m lucky to have a smaller chest, so rocking it sans-bra is really flattering on my frame. But I’m definitely going to have to invest in a little fashion-tape — wouldn’t want to run around giving everyone a free show, right?

03 I took a trip to the mall today and tried on EVERYTHING! * heycheri sherilynn macale

And this is why I love maxi skirts. I swear maxis are the yoga pants of skirts. I feel like they make everyone’s butt look great.

006 I took a trip to the mall today and tried on EVERYTHING! * heycheri sherilynn macale

I also stopped by Forever 21 to pick up a few fun new nail colors. They’re only $2.80 each! Whaaaat?! Most polishes go for around $5 to $20, depending on the brand. But Forever 21 nail polishes have never steered me wrong.  With a generous top coat, these “cheaper” polishes last just as long as higher-end laquers (seriously, you should see my nail polish collection — I have way too many polishes, so I’ve tried them all).

Lately, I’ve been getting my nails done in the salon more often than usual (thanks to a boyfriend who constantly sends me there for what he calls “maintenance”, ha), but after having my manicures and pedicures done professionally for a few weeks, I started really missing painting my own nails. It’s just so therapeutic and fun! The whole process of painting my own nails is just one of those things that really makes you love being a girl. And you know me: if something is girly, I’m all over it. Besides, who doesn’t love candy-colored fingers and toes in spring and summer?

I haven’t been shopping in forever.
What a fun day.


A question for my readers:

What style of clothing are you loving lately, and what are you looking forward to most about the warmer weather?

Guns Freak Me Out.

I wish I could say I was a Robin Scherbatsky type of chick who grew up shooting guns at ranges, slaughtering animals during the hunt, and popping a few celebratory caps into the air in commemoration of whatever badass thing I happened to accomplish, but that is definitely not the case.

The reality of the situation is that I am a 5’1, 93lb Asian girl with little to no self defense skills.

upoGoAy Guns Freak Me Out. * heycheri sherilynn macale

My siblings, brave as the are, opted for Karate classes when we were kids. As for myself, scoring bruises and breaking bones while sparring during class just didn’t appeal to my delicate sensibilities. Pre-teen me felt more at home writing, drawing, playing video games, and surfing the Internet all day. And, surprise, adult me hasn’t changed much at all.

Adult me feels that rather than familiarizing myself with guns, knives, and anything else that might be even remotely dangerous, I should do the next best thing: never leave my apartment.

… What? It’s not so bad.
Staying at home provides the perfect environment for a life spent brushing up on my Top Chef, P90X, and at-home yoga skills. And hey, my Netflix isn’t gonna watch itself!

But okay.
I’m realistic.
I get that this lack of real-world experience will probably be the death of me.
Sometimes I stay home for such long periods of time that being around people again actually gives me social anxiety.


I should probably be more worried about my own self preservation.

I do live in the city, after all. And this is the first place I’ve ever been robbed (several times, in fact). This is surprising even to me, especially considering I come from Stockton, California, one of the highest-rated cities for crime and gun violence in the nation, a city on the brink of becoming the murder capitol of America. Blegh.

“Hunny, we need to get you pepper spray.” My boyfriend says this all the time. And he’s probably right. I should have some form of self defense with me on a regular basis. And my only excuse for not having something to defend myself with is pure laziness combined with the fact that I, once again, never leave my apartment, and therefore don’t have the time to go out and purchase these sort of things.
“Can it be pink pepper spray?” I ask, because that’s obviously the more important question here.
“I don’t think pink is a very intimidating color, sweetie,” he replies, smiling at me and petting my head in that kind of, oh, you’re so cute, but so clueless kind of way.
“It’s not like they’re going to see it anyway. I’ll spray pepper in their face and make my escape before they can do anything!” I mimic clawing at the air a little. Y’know. Like a tiger. Rawr.
He laughs. “What about a gun? We can get you a gun.”
“A gun? Seriously??”
“Yeah. Why not?”
“Guns scare me,” I pout, shaking my head.
“What about a pink gun?”
“CAN WE?! CAN WE, REALLY?! Yes, please!”

Why does pink make everything so much less scary?

I swear if they sold pink swords, I’d happily be a ninja. … Well, I think I’d be a ninja anyway, because ninjas are kickass, but a pink sword would totally sell me on it. That, and pink ninja stars, and pink blow darts, and a pink ninja outfit with cute pink shoes — c’mon. How adorable would that be?! And what’s this I hear? Hawaii just discovered a new breed of pink sharks? Let’s all go diving! And are you saying if I jump off this 200 foot high cliff, I get to land in a fluffy cloud of pink cotton candy?! Don’t mind if I do! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Look how friggin’ cute these pink guns and knives I found on the Internet are.

socute Guns Freak Me Out. * heycheri sherilynn macale(via andys gun thoughts - that’s kind of a scary name for a blog, Lmao)

pinkriflesocute Guns Freak Me Out. * heycheri sherilynn macale(via the breda fallacy)

Pink Brass Knuckles1 Guns Freak Me Out. * heycheri sherilynn macale(via WeaponsUniverse)

So cute.

… But still.

You can dress a gun or knife up in pretty pink colors with flowers and hearts and glitter all over it, and it will still be exactly what it is — a gun. A machine that has the power to, at best, severely injure someone, and at worst, kill them. Do I really want to be responsible for that sort of power?

And actually, a girlfriend of mine once sent me home after a night out together with a tiny little can of pink pepper spray, instructing me to stay safe. I took it from her gratefully, but I had no idea how to use that thing. I remember examining it on my way home and thinking, am I supposed to flip this little top thing? Is there some kind of button I press? Which way do I face it? Oh my god. So complicated. If I can barely handle a can of pepper spray, what am I supposed to do with a gun?

Can’t I just hire a bodyguard?!

Totally useless,

PS. What sort of self defense methods do you employ, if any? And what would you recommend for someone like me who is terrified of guns, knives, and all things that might lead to potential blood loss? Or are you just like me and have no idea how to defend yourself at all? In which case, welcome to the you’re-probably-going-to-die club.

Why does it feel like no one respects relationships anymore?

“APG?” My driver is leaning out of his window, eyeing me. He’s a younger driver. My age. Maybe a little older.
“That’s me,” I say, trying to balance in my heels on the uneven pavement while pulling open one of his rear doors. “Well, not really — APG is my boyfriend. I use his account.” I slip into his back seat and shut the door behind me, swiping through my phone to find the address I’m headed to. “Could you head towards SOMA, please?” I pull my pencil skirt down gently toward my knees, hoping it doesn’t wrinkle on the way to my destination.
“Sure. You off to work?” He pulls out of my driveway.
“Sort of. Kind of. I’m just talking on a panel for a little bit, and then I’m headed home.”
“Wow. All the way to SOMA just to talk for a few minutes and go home?”
“I know, right?” I laugh a little, disconnected from the conversation, browsing through my Instagram notifications while he drives me to my destination. I’m never the first to initiate conversations with my drivers. Not because I’m a jerk, but because I like to see if I can get away with sitting completely silently in the back seat with my nose buried in my phone. It never happens.
“So … What do you do?” He asks. I look up. I can see him looking at me through his rear view mirror. Obviously he wants to have a conversation. Fine. I humor him.
“I’m a writer. Sort of. Kind of an artist, I guess. Uhm, y’know, I don’t really know what I do?” I hate answering this question. Too many people ask me what it is I do, and I never know what to say. “I kind of just do whatever I want.” I laugh at myself.
“What? How do you do that?” He asks.
“Uh, I guess I have a shitload of people following me on the Internet or something.”
“Do you really??” He straightens up in his chair a little, then looks back at me, smiling.
“Yeah,” I reply. But I’m eager to change the subject. “What do you do?”
“I played baseball when I was in Florida,” he says, and I mentally note the baseball tattoo on his left forearm. “What I really want is to be a cop. But you know how it is. Everyone hates cops.”
“That’s not true. I always wave at police officers when they drive by,” I object, smiling. “I know that’s kind of dumb, but I always did it when I was little, so I figure, why not? They must think it’s funny or something, right? Like, who is this girl waving at us?”
He laughs at that. Our conversation wanders as we drive, and I keep up with it to be polite.
“Do you like the city?” He asks me.
“I love San Francisco. I think I’m just over it.”
“I feel like I’ve been here forever. Like I’ve done everything already. I need to have new experiences. Move to Los Angeles or something. New York. Travel a little, y’know?”
“Oh yeah? Do you go to any clubs out here?”
“Mmm, sometimes — but they’re pretty random. Booty, Infusion, Temple, a few places in the Marina, Haight, and Mission — I’m not really picky. Why? Do you have any suggestions?”
“You should come out and meet with me and my boys,” he says, and he’s looking back at me with one of those smiles. I can sense that he’s hitting on me. I sigh inwardly. I’ve lost track of how many Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar drivers have tried picking me up while I’m trapped in their car. Is this the new thing? Guys that masquerade as chauffeurs just to hook up with chicks and corner them when they can’t escape? I wouldn’t be surprised — I’ve heard enough stories from friends regaling me with their adventures in hooking up with drivers. “The first Saturday of every month, we go to Cellar,” he continues. “It’s a huge party. You should come out and meet me there.”
“It sounds fun,” I say, trying to be polite, but really just thinking about my boyfriend and how pissed he’d be that yet another driver he’s sent to come pick me up is flirting with me on his tab. We pull up to my stop. “Thanks for the ride,” I say.
“You’re welcome — will I see you at Cellar?”
“Sure,” I say, smiling and nodding.
“I hope so,” he says, smiling back.

I remember leaving his car thinking, doesn’t he realize I’m using my boyfriend’s account to ride with him? Does no one respect relationships anymore?! And while this ride in particular was pretty tame, you would be shocked at how some of my previous drivers have spoken to me. I swear some of these dudes treat cab fares like it’s their own personal meat market.

I love San Francisco, but this place is nuts.

I feel like everyone is single out here, and everyone just wants to get laid. And while on one hand that can be a good thing (especially if you’re single), on the other, it can also warp your opinion of people and the world around you. And it’s not just San Francisco, actually — it’s the world.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had guys with wedding rings on their fingers trying to get me to either go home with them, or trying to bribe me with flights out of the country or tropical getaways. I can’t even count how many men with fiancés have tried cozying up to me, only to slink away when their bride-to-be finally takes notice. And don’t even get me started on how many times guys in serious relationships have lied about their single status just for a chance to either hook up with me or with one of my friends.

What the fuck is that??
Are people really that desperate for affection?
Is no one happy being monogamous anymore??
And if you’re going to cheat on someone, why are you with that person in the first place?!
Where’s your sense of fucking decency?

tumblr inline mtonrmF7Si1rj7vp8 Why does it feel like no one respects relationships anymore? * heycheri sherilynn macale

I have trust issues for a reason.

How am I supposed to believe that there are good guys out there when there are so many wolves in sheep’s clothing running around? Even when I do meet a good guy, it’s hard for me to completely trust that he’s a solid person because I’ve had way too much personal experience dealing with total letches.

Sure, good guys are out there. And yeah, I’ve even met a handful of them. But I’ve also met a shitload of losers, and those are the assholes giving good guys a bad name. And I feel for you, nice guys. I really do. You’re a dime a dozen, and  if you pride yourself on being a total sweetheart, really, hang onto that because you are a God among men.

And to the rest of you?

Stop being a douchebag — you’re contaminating the world.

If you’re married or have a girlfriend, don’t flirt with me. Don’t try to get me to sleep with you. Don’t tell me things like, “Well, we’re having problems right now, and she’s cheated on me before, so technically, we’re not really together right now, and we’re actually in the middle of a fight, and she’s not very nice to me and–” oh my god. Just shut up! I’ve heard it all! Do you not have standards?! And if I tell you I have a boyfriend, that’s definitely not an invitation for you to somehow win me over with your smooth-talking hoping I’ll either leave him to be with you or at least cheat on him to boost your sad little ego.

Keep it in your pants!

The world has changed, and I get that. Everyone is more sexually free. Sexually expressive. Everyone is more open to talking about what they do behind closed doors, and everyone and their mom is sharing on Facebook or Tumblr what their sexual kinks are. Miley Cyrus is practically waving her vagina around every day, and she’s done it so often that we now find it normal.

And that’s great! Good for you! Good for Miley! Good for everyone! We should all embrace our sexuality because there is nothing wrong with having desires and wanting to feel pleasure or wanting to feel proud of our own bodies — but the line has to be drawn somewhere. And I think that line starts with whether you are in an exclusive and committed relationship or not, or whether the person you are trying to involve yourself with is in a committed relationship themselves.

Respect the sanctity of commitment.

Cheating on your girl or your guy is filthy as fuck. It is the lowest of the low. It makes you an asshole. It makes you a creep. It makes me think you probably have STDs, and like I would really prefer not to catch them. What in the world makes you think I would want anything to do with you if you’re already dating someone else? I’m not going to be your safety blanket. Are you serious? I’m no one’s backup bitch — get real.

The hottest guys I’ve met have always been the ones who seem to worship their girlfriends and give them the world. Those are the classy ones. Those are the most attractive men. They actually stand for something. They represent what seems to be a minority, and their virtue is absolutely sought after. They’re special.

But where have they all gone?

tumblr msql3ceeVX1sh60buo1 500 Why does it feel like no one respects relationships anymore? * heycheri sherilynn macale

I feel lucky. My boyfriend is great, and I’m holding on tight because I know he’s a good one. But I also have to work hard every day to dismiss that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that he might be just like all of those assholes out there who cheat on their significant others without so much as a thought toward how their actions affect and hurt the people around them. That thought absolutely devastates me, and it’s a challenge for me to move past my own doubts, but I can’t help it! When you’ve been hit on as much as I have by guys with wedding rings on their fingers, you lose faith in people.

Can we just quit it with the cheating, please?
It can’t be that hard to just break up with someone if you want to stick your dick in another hole.
What is wrong with you people?

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one this is happening to. Please. And please, if you’re the sort of person who actually values being faithful and loyal, speak up and be proud of it. I’d like to restore at least some of my faith in humanity tonight. Ugh.