How to Get Kendall Jenner’s Makeup

Kendall Jenner is the prettiest of the “Kardashian” clan (even though she’s a Jenner). There. I said it. Prettier than Kylie (who I adore), prettier than Kim (who I respect), and pretty much hotter than all of the hustling sisters (although Khloe is in amazing shape now and Kourtney is a badass mom).

I love Kendall Jenner because she’s “natural”. When I look at her, I don’t immediately think, “I need to get Botox injections and lip filler to look that pretty”. When I look at Kendall, I think, “All I need to do is be me, and that’s enough.” She lives a fabulous life, does amazing things, doesn’t do any of it for attention (although obviously her work involves publicly working with huge brands like Chanel and Estee Lauder), and is content out of the spotlight unless it involves her modeling career.

On the show (yes, I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians), she’s always struck me as the most “down to earth” sister. She’s always seemed to regularly refuse extravagant gifts her own mother tries to force on her, and genuinely took it to heart when she visited a homeless shelter as a kid that she should be grateful for what she has.

We all make stupid mistakes growing up. Hell, we make mistakes as adults too.

But with Kendall … I dunno’.
She just seems like she has a good head on her shoulders.
I respect that.

Oh, and I respect the hell out of her makeup, too.

When Kendall gets done up, she always has this “pretty but natural” look going on. A Victoria’s Secret bronzey glow with lightly defined eyes. She looks like her.

Kendall Jenner’s natural Victoria’s Secret bronzed babe look was the inspiration for this makeup tutorial. I hope you dig it.




Products Used:

Brushes and Tools:

If you have questions, makeup tutorial requests, product review requests, and more, please let me know! I’d be happy to film or write a blog post on what you’re craving.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Haul – Nail Polish & Lipstick

I recently dropped by my local Marc Jacobs store to get a closer look at some of its featured cosmetic products, and okay… I maaay have walked away with a few new favorite products.

If you watch my YouTube videos at all, you know I have a slight obsession with Marc Jacobs products. Everything from MJB brushes to blushes fills my cosmetic collection, and I almost always find myself reaching for the same glossy black and silver packaging when applying my makeup day to day.

I thought these products would round out my collection nicely. Take a look.




Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Laquer in “Peep” / $18 USD

I love the color of this. It’s this pastel, baby pink that really pops against my fair-golden skin. What I love about these more neutral colors is that if they chip after wear, it’s less noticeable than had I painted on a bright, cherry red. I will say that I found the formula was a bit thick, so if you pick this up, you’ll definitely want to work in super thin layers to keep it from streaking.

And can we talk about this packaging already?! All Marc Jacobs Beauty products have this luxurious, weighty, “expensive”-feeling packaging. I can’t but feel bougie when I use these products.




New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel in “Eat Cake”, “Understudy”, & “Roleplay” / $30 USD

Again with the sexy packaging! These are my new favorite lipsticks. Out of every lip product I currently own, I reach for these the most! You’ll almost never find me out and about without one of these perfect tubes in my purse.

On a day to day basis, I like to wear very neutral, pretty but natural looks that almost look as if I’m not wearing any makeup at all. These Marc Jacobs lipsticks are perfect for that. The lipsticks from MJB with the black tubes were super pigmented, but not quite what I was looking for. I immediately gravitated toward these because of their lovely, creamy, sheer color pay-off in pretty much every flattering nude shade known to man.

The one thing I love about these lipsticks (as I do about most high-end lipsticks I own) is that they close with a magnetic “snap”. With some of my cheaper lipsticks, I find that the caps always pop off in my makeup bag or purse, and my lipstick tubes end up destroying the inside of my cosmetic bags. I never seem to have that problem with these! And yes, I’ve lugged these gorgeous beauties around everywhere.

If I had to choose between buying two Marc Jacobs Beauty nail polishes at $18 a pop or just one lipstick at $30, I’d definitely go with the lipstick. I just love these shades! I’m sure there are other brands that carry sheer, creamy lip colors in hydrating formulas, but there’s just something about the MJB tubes that keep me coming back for more.

Do you have any new favorite lip colors or polishes you love? Have anything you can recommend for me? Drop me a comment and let me know!

Meet Mylo

On August 4, 2016, Tony and I brought home the most amazing blessing ever: our little Mylo. Part Pitbull, part lord only knows what else (Labrador? Corgi? Dachsund?), Mylo was born on May 20, 2016 in Fresno, California, then quickly deposited at the San Francisco SPCA where we discovered, then rescued him from the shelter.

When Tony and I first decided we wanted a puppy, it began as an almost scary discussion. We both knew we wanted a dog, but were equally worried about several things: the cost, the responsibility, whether our baby would actually have space in our small San Francisco apartment to live comfortably, the fact that owning a pet together would be an enormous step in our 1-year-long relationship, etc.

So we waited to get a dog.
We waited a long time.

And I’m glad we did, because the wait and struggle to find Mylo was so worth it.

Deciding on Puppy Breeders

“What about a Shiba Inu?” I ask, scrolling through pictures on Google Images.
Tony gives me a weirded out face and replies, “I don’t like its tail. It looks like a collapsed dorsal fin.”
“How can you possibly say that about a Shiba Inu? It’s so cute!”

At first, we spend months discussing the type of dog we want. Tony immediately shoots down pretty much every kind of puppy I like, citing various flaws with their appearance. Shiba Inus, for example, are an adorable breed of Japanese dog known for its small size, wolf-like appearance, and curly tail. Tony is clearly heartless, because look how cute this thing is!

“It would be perfect for our apartment!” I say.
“Eh … I want something more hardy. Like a Vizsla,” he says. “Or even a miniature golden retriever. Those are so adorable!”

“I like golden retrievers, too! My family had one when I was a kid,” I say.

After we mutually decide on the type of puppy we want, we agree we to scour Craigslist and find one from a reputable breeder, a task not easily accomplished. We email and text each other multiple times a day with links to postings of potential puppies for sale, photos of puppies doing cute things, and pictures of our friends with their new dogs. We drive ourselves puppy-crazy. During our months-long search, we sometimes find other breeds we’re interested in, but ultimately, we never pull the trigger.

Considering Adoption

“Let’s go to the SF SPCA,” Tony suggests after a particularly rough day of searching for our future pup. “We don’t even know if we really want a dog. We need to at least go and look at the puppies there to get an idea. We might even fall in love with one and take him home.”
“Okay,” I say, brightening.

On our first trip to the SPCA, we pass by room after room of dogs, cats, bunnies, and animals all in need of their forever home. It breaks our hearts when we see an older, mangy-looking mutt who stares up at us with a forlorn look on his face. We see Pitbulls, Chihuahuas, and otherwise “unattractive” or “bad reputation” animals no one wants.

There are so many animals here.
So many puppies in need of homes.
So many that aren’t wanted.

My eyes tear up.

“What happens to them if no one adopts them?” I ask, clutching Tony’s hand.
An SPCA worker who overhears us says, “We’re a no-kill animal shelter, so most likely, we’ll ship them to another location. And if no one adopts them there, we move them around again until someone does. We update our site daily with pictures of the animals we get in, so just keep checking the site, and if you see one that catches your eye, call us and stop by.”

I think about the several places where animals are euthanized if they aren’t claimed, and my heart breaks even more.

Even after this visit, we don’t find a dog we can take home.
We leave empty-handed, feeling guilty.

Outside of the shelter, Tony comforts me. He promises me we’ll come back as often as we can and says, “We have to adopt a puppy. We can’t go to a breeder.” And I agree.

I spend all night reading up on how the SPCA takes care of their animals, researching different shelters, pounds, and animal control centers. I tell my co-founders that if we ever come into massive funding, I’d like to donate a portion of our revenue to animal shelters like the SPCA. They agree, and we talk about the different charities we’d like to fund. I go to bed dreaming of puppies.

Over the next few months, Tony and I stalk the SPCA website. We check it multiple times a day just in case. Several times, we find a dog that we think might be the one. And several times, we arrive at the shelter too late, or call the SPCA only to find that someone has already adopted little Winchester, or Otis, or Archie.

Finding our future dog begins to feel like a distant dream.

But one day, I get a call from Tony.

Spotting The One

“Baby — go to the SPCA site right now. Look at Beeves! I’ll wait!” He says.

I do.


I see Beeves, and he’s adorable. He’s a 2-month old “Terrier Mix” weighing 6lbs who just arrived at the SPCA. But next to his picture is …

“Wait, what about Bodie?” I ask (Mylo’s original name at the shelter).
“Bodie? Hold on,” Tony says, and I hear him clicking his mouse through the phone. “Oh wow. I didn’t even see Bodie.”

“They’re both cute,” I say, smiling. “I like Bodie. He has the sweetest face. They’re the same age — they must have come in together. Bodie’s smaller, though.”
“Bodie is adorable,” he says, “but I like Beeves more. I like his coloring.”
“Really?” I feel guilty telling Tony I want Bodie more.
“Babe, these are the pups. One of these is our dog. You have to go to the shelter for us — I’m at work. I can’t leave in the middle of the day like you can.”

I remember the many times we came to the shelter too late, only to see the dog we wanted already adopted. I remember the many times we left empty handed, telling ourselves, “Next time. Next time, we’ll be faster. Next time, we’ll get there before everyone else.”

“Go, babe!” Tony says.
“Are you sure?? Are you sure these are the ones??”
“I’m sure! We’re getting a dog! It’s one or the other! You have to get there early or they’ll be gone by the time I get off work. You have to leave now.”
“Okay. Okay! I’m going!”

Chasing Mylo

The SPCA site says Bodie and Beeves are located at the Mission SPCA, so I call for an Uber and hop in. The entire way, I’m nervous. We’re finally getting a dog! Or at least, we might be. My driver talks to me about his chihuahuas, both adopted from a shelter as well. Out of nervousness, I chat with him the entire way. He goes on about how rewarding it is to adopt.

But when he drops me off, everything goes to hell.

Unknowingly (and perhaps distracted by conversation), he leaves me at the wrong shelter, and when I go in, I wait in line and fill out forms hoping to see the puppies. By the time I figure out I’m at Animal Control and not the SPCA, I sprint across the street to the correct building, only to find 4 other potential owners already filling out forms to check out the boys.

I don’t think I’ve ever filled out an application so hastily (and poorly) in my life, hoping to beat everyone to the front of the line. Fragmented sentences, incorrect grammar and punctuation — f*ck it! I’m taking home one of those puppies, damn it, and not even my compulsive need to copyedit my application can stop me!

When the workers finally call me to the front of the line, I hastily explain that I’d like to see Bodie and Beeves, the terrier mix puppies. They ask me why I want to adopt, and I launch into the short version of how Tony and I have been searching the SPCA site every day for an animal we could fall in love with. The interview seems to last forever, and all the while, more and more visitors are arriving at the SPCA. I feel my anxiety rising.

We finally finish the interview, and the workers direct me to the window where Bodie and Beeves are staying together, explaining that the two are brothers. They comment on how odd it is that Beeves isn’t in his pen, but mention that Bodie is there.

I see him. Our future puppy. He has short, stubby little legs, the face of a Labrador, and little Pitbull wrinkles around his mouth and forehead. He has chocolate colored fur with hints of grey and deep browns. He eyes me quietly. I love him.

“Weird,” the worker says. “It looks like there’s no one with experience available to handle the pups. Can you come back in 30 minutes? Someone should be back with Beeves to let you play with him by then as well.”
“Okay, but … The last time I came here, someone adopted the dog we wanted before we even had a chance to see him.”
“Here, I’ll make sure no one takes him,” she replies, tapping the iPad with their pictures on the window and changing their statuses from “Available” to “Not Available”.

I can handle 30 minutes.
I’ll go get a Chai Latte or something.
No big deal, right?

But when I come back, Bodie is gone, and so is Beeves.

Multiple people are there asking after them, and I’m panicking. WTF is happening? Did I not just put them on reserve? What do you mean they’re gone? Were they adopted?! I listen in on the conversations, and one worker says that the puppies were just moved to the Pacific Heights SPCA location on the Northern end of the city.

I butt in.

“Excuse me — the puppies that were just here; what do you mean by they’ve been moved? I was told I could see them in 30 minutes. I’m back to do that.”
“I’m so sorry,” the worker replies. “We have no idea what’s going on either. No one told us what was happening when they moved them — we’re calling to figure it out, but no one’s responding. You can call and head there now if you’d like. We know for sure they’ve been moved to Pacific Heights.”

I’ve never sprinted out of a building faster in my life. Even as I leave, I hear more visitors arriving and asking after Bodie and Beeves, all of them upset to hear that the dogs have been moved. But they’re distracted by a huge set of puppies that have arrived to replace them, and quickly forget about the two terrier mixes.

Not me.
One of those pups is coming home with us.

I call Tony, and I’m frustrated. Upset. I tell him what’s going on, and he helps calm me down.

“If we don’t get them, it wasn’t meant to be,” he says, trying to reassure me.
“But we keep working so hard!” I say. “You’re at work — you don’t know what I’ve been through today. What if Beeves is gone? What if they only have Bodie and vice versa?”
“I love both of them, baby. I trust you. It doesn’t matter which one we get — they’re both cute. Everything will be okay, Even if both of them are gone, we can always keep checking the site,” he says. “Call me with any updates.”

Whatever you say, Tony.

When I finally make it to the Pacific Heights SPCA, I sprint up the stairs and arrive out-of-breath, clutching the application I’d already filled out at the previous location. I explain that I’d like to see both Bodie and Beeves, elaborating on the earlier mix-up. I put on my best cheerleader smile, wanting to seem calm and hoping I appear friendly. I do my best to compose myself.

I’m relieved to hear that Bodie and Beeves have arrived only 5 minutes before me, and that I’ll be the first to see them. I contain my excitement as they hurry me into a room and have me sanitize my hands. I tie my hair up, knowing how puppies like to bite everything and anything within reach. They slip blue cloth shoe-covers onto my feet, and allow me to step into a blanket-covered cage strewn with various puppy toys.

I wait.

Meeting the Puppies

They carry Beeves in, the white & black puppy Tony loves, and they put him in the cage with me.

He’s crying. He jumps on me, smells me, and barks. His tail is wagging. He whines loudly and sniffs me all over, continuing to pounce on my chest. He’s tiny as hell. So hyper. So excited. So lovable. I smile and talk to him, pet him, and hug him. I pick him off of me and set him gently on the cage floor, and he leaps on me again, determined to be held. I shake a toy in his face, and he immediately bites it, playing with me. I laugh.

He’s adorable.

“Do you want to see Bodie now?” The worker supervising me asks.
“Yes, please,” I reply.

She takes Beeves away barking and whining, then returns with Bodie, the puppy I saw in the window. She puts him directly into my arms, and he doesn’t move. He isn’t shaking, isn’t scared, and is completely silent. His ears are the softest things I’ve ever felt, and his fur feels like he’s half bunny. I laugh at the difference between him and his brother, and the worker explains how they both came in with their mother, and that their mother has already been adopted. Good. That’s good. Sad, but good.

I gently put Bodie on the floor of the cage, and he plops down on his butt, sniffing at the air a little and looking around. He glances at me briefly, but mostly seems uninterested with me. He never looks me in the eyes. Eventually, he puts his head in his arms and sighs a little.

I smile.

The worker leaves briefly, then returns and says, “Someone’s here to see Bodie and Beeves. Do you know if you want one of them? If not, we have someone ready to adopt.”

I panic again. I want Bodie. Bodie is perfect. He’s quiet, he’s chill, he’s relaxed; the perfect dog. I know people say you need to choose the dog that leaps all over you and loves you, but if I’m being 100% honest, I like that Bodie is so nonplussed by everything. Even as I’m thinking this, I can still hear Beeves crying in the room next door, barking and demanding attention.

“I think I want Bodie — can I please call my boyfriend? We’re adopting together; I just want to make sure he’s okay with the choice.”
“Yes, but definitely hurry. There’s a guy outside waiting right now.”

When I get on the phone with Tony, I explain the difference between Bodie and Beeves. I try to be as unbiased as possible, but my favoritism for Bodie shows. Fortunately, Tony agrees with me eagerly after hearing about their differing temperaments, and we pull the trigger.

I put a $25 adoption holding deposit down on Bodie, and they explain to me that Tony needs to come meet Bodie before I bring him home, that our roomie needs to come meet Bodie, and our roomie’s huge dog, a 7-year-old Boxer named Simba, also needs to pay Bodie a visit at the shelter. There’s a lot of pre-work involved in adopting a dog from the SPCA, but we’re determined.

Everyone comes straight after work. Tony gets to hold him first, and he immediately falls in love. He hears Beeves barking and whining in the other room, and agrees that Bodie was the better choice for where we live. Our roomie meets Bodie next, then Simba. At first, Bodie pees himself when he meets Simba, then lets out the softest whine of terror, and crawls into Tony’s arms for comfort. Tony can’t help but smile. After 10 minutes, Bodie warms up and begins trying to play with Simba. Simba ignores him, but Bodie loves him.

At last, they agree to let us take him. We pay a $300 adoption fee (eek!), then bring Bodie home. Finally, we bring him home.

It takes us a day to decide on a name for him.

We name him Mylo.
Our little Mylo.
Mighty Mylo.

We love him.


A video posted by Mylo ?? (@heymylo) on

And he loves us.

Daddy? Daddy, is it time to wake up and play together yet? ???

A video posted by Mylo ?? (@heymylo) on

Welcome to your forever home, little angel. It doesn’t matter how stressful it was for us to find you. It doesn’t matter that you cost us an arm and a leg. It doesn’t matter that we get no sleep, have to stay home to take care of you, and that you sometimes pee and poop where you aren’t supposed to. None of that matters because we love you so, so, so much, and all of our friends love you too, and everyone agrees that you are the chillest, coolest, sweetest dog ever with the softest bunny fur on planet earth and the strange tendency to not bark, whine, or make a sound.

We are so blessed to have you.
Thank God we finally have you.

PS. To whoever’s out there that adopted Beeves or his Mommy (if they were adopted at all), if you’d like to reunite these cutie pies, please let us know. I’m sure Mylo will be happy to see and visit his family again. :)




















How to Contour a Broken Nose

I hate my nose. Of all the features I’ve been blessed with, my nose is the one feature that just makes me look at my face and say, “WHYYYY?!”

During a game of tag with third grade classmates, I was running full-speed across freshly-rained-on pavement. Of course I slipped, skidded across the bumpy concrete (on my face), then slammed nose-bridge-first into the sharp metal edge of a tether ball pole base.

A fourth grade teacher who witnessed the entire event scrambled after me, swooped me into his arms, and carried me as I sobbed and wailed to the nurse’s office where all they could really do was slap a few bandaids on me (arms, elbows, knees, face, etc) before calling my mom to come get me.

I didn’t grow up with money. I have a working class family, and we’ve had to hustle for everything we have. Getting my broken nose fixed was not my parents’ first priority. Can she breathe? Yes. Is she a little banged up? Sure. Will she live? Definitely.

Problem solved.

Unfortunately, now being 28 years old and making YouTube videos + posting pictures of my face all over the web, having a broken nose has not been the easiest thing to deal with. But there’s always makeup, eh?

In this video, I show you how I cream contour my face using Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Cream Contour Kit in Fair, and how I deal with my crooked nose thanks to breaking it at such a young age. Enjoy!

Products Used:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit “Fair”
  • Benefit Cosmetics “Dew the Hoola” (
  • Make Up For Ever HD Blush “220 Pink Sand”
  • RCMA “No Color Powder”
  • Too Faced “Milk Chocolate Soleil” (
  • NYX Powder Blush “Nutmeg” / use Tarte Cosmetics “Exposed” blush dupe
  • The Balm “Mary-Lou Manizer”

Brushes Used:

  • Sigma “3DHD Kabuki Brush” (
  • MAC “231”
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty “The Face II” (
  • Mac Jacobs Beauty “The Conceal” (
  • Sephora “Classic Multitasker Brush #45”
  • Sigma “Tapered Face Brush F25” (
  • Japonesque “Kumadori Contour-Highlighting Brush”
  • Real Techniques “100 Powder Brush”
  • Real Techniques “Setting Brush”

See the eye makeup tutorial for this look:

How I Improved My Skin & Keep My Hair Healthy

Living with combo-oily skin can get super annoying. Don’t forget the mild rosacea, incredible sensitivity, large pores, and acne-prone surface. :'( The only way I’ve been able to live with my many skin issues is by developing a routine that has basically saved me and made my skin more “normal”.

The products I use today (mostly Laneige) are so gentle that I can get most of it in my eyes without it burning. To me, my most important features in skincare products are hydration, non-stickiness, the ability to wear it under foundation without it pilling up or ruining my makeup application, and non-comedogenic formulas that don’t break me out. My skincare products need to be proven safe for sensitive skin, and I swear by the products in this video!

I also don’t put much in my hair on a daily basis except for a single cream that has multiple uses. This one cream literally smooths my dry ends down, keeps it feeling soft and silky, tames fly-aways, has light hold, heat protection, strengthens your strands, adds moisture and shine, has UV protection — it’s the best freaking thing ever. Hooray for laziness + convenience in a bottle!

If you don’t want have time to watch the video, I’ve listed the products below for your convenience:

  • Laneige Power Essential Skin Toner
  • Laneige White Plus Skin Refiner
  • Laneige Emulsion
  • Laneige Water Bank Serum
  • Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel
  • Nature Republic Super Aqua Combination Cream
  • Kate Sommerville Eradikate
  • Wet Brush
  • Alterna Caviar CC 10-In-1

I truly hope this helps those of you with sensitive skin and rosacea! And I hope the hair product assists those of you who want to keep your hair products to a minimum.

Sponsored: Get your own Piibu Box here: — use “HEYCHERI10” for 10% off your Korean sheet mask subscription! (I don’t get commission — you just get money off; yaaaay!)

The Best Beauty Looks for SS16 are in!

2016 is the year of trying new things, and if this infographic is any indication, bold eyeshadow is friggin’ in, baby! I’m mostly excited to try the “indigenous” eyeshadow look a la Chanel, or the “bold lip” look. I just … y’know, gotta’ find a way to sneak past Tony without him thinking I look insane. Which he will. /Eyeroll emoji.

Which 2016 Spring/Summer beauty trend are you going to try?

Beauty Infographic 2016

Products Mentioned:

Gym Skin:

  1. Sunday Riley Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil
  2. Percy and Reed Hair Oil

Eccentric Eye Art:

  1. By Terry Eyeshadows
  2. Becca Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Loud Lips:

  1. The Metals Lipsticks
  2. The Lipstick Queen Pop-Papaya Lipstick

Au Naturale:

  1. Eve Lom’s Flawless Primer SPF30
  2. By Terry Concealer

Bold Blush:

  1. Becca Cosmetics Guava Beach Tint
  2. Kevin Aucoin Tropical Days Bronzer

Put everything on my face, please. All at once. Thanks.



Bright & Colorful Makeup for Glasses

Thank you so much to JINS Eyewear for allowing me to pick up a pair of eyeglasses to compliment this video! My new clear frames literally go with any face beat, and I’m in love with them. In fact, Tony wants a pair just like mine (although he almost always copies me whenever I pick up new eyeglasses because he’s such a biiiterrrrr).

If you want eyeglasses just like mine, you can pick them up on the JINS website for 10% off by clicking here first: — that link applies a cookie to your browser that automatically reduces anything you purchase by 10% off just because you arrived through one of my social channels! You’re welcome. Next, click here to pick up my exact frames, and the discount is applied at checkout.

Products used to achieve this look:

Brushes used:

Finally, the pictures.

5b54f343a11b96b18fa20d52dffa2a3c DSC00277 DSC00404 DSC00411 Makeup-For-Glasses4

Lusting For YSL Handbags

I consider myself thriftier than most. More often than not, I’m trying to save money in the hopes that one day, I might live in my own enormous house with gorgeous furniture, beautiful throw pillows and sheepskin blankets on the couches, fresh flowers, and two walk-in closets. Two.

Alas, by San Francisco standards, I am poor. Thus, I am forced to window shop on all of my favorite sites and only dream of things I want to buy rather than clicking that pretty “Add to Cart” button and checking out like I want to. Then there’s the fact that my boyfriend would look at me like I’m a crazy person if I actually committed to purchasing designer handbags, items that can cost you anywhere from $1,500 USD to a few thousand.

… Like these YSL handbags I’m currently crying over.
Look at them. Just look at them!

45252004VN_13_fMonogram Saint Laurent Chain Wallet in Black Grain de Poudre Textured matelassé Leather
$ 1,550.00

45269197DG_13_fSmall MONOGRAM SAINT LAURENT CABAS Bag in Black Leather
$ 2,450.00

45286837AU_13_fClassic large Monogram Saint Laurent Satchel in Black Grain de Poudre Textured Matelassé Leather
$ 2,590.00

45307375BB_13_fClassic Medium KATE MONOGRAM SAINT LAURENT Tassel Satchel in Black Velour
$ 1,990.00

45307445RV_13_fSmall MONOGRAM SAINT LAURENT CABAS Bag in Black Leather and Suede
$ 2,490.00

Ohh, the things I’d pair these with. :'( All of these are black, of course, because I don’t own any YSL purses, and the goal of owning a designer purse for me would be to replace my basic “everyday” purse so every outfit I wear from now on makes you go, “Daaaaamn, she looks expensive.” Feel me? Feel me?!

I get my love of purses from my mother. You should see that woman’s closet. Purses on purses on purses on purses — whenever I’m shopping for a gift for Mom, I know all she wants is a new purse. Dad knows it, my sister knows it, my brother’s girlfriend knows it — Mom is predictable in her love of purses, and she has definitely passed down that love to me.

I’m starting a “Wishlist” category on my blog so I can catalog the many items I desperately wish I owned, but simply cannot afford, as a way to set goals for myself in the event I ever strike it rich. Until then, I suppose I’ll pet my lovely, outlet-bought, and everyday Michael Kors purse and keep dreaming.

Question: What designer handbags have you been lusting after that you know you can’t afford? Let’s commiserate in our poorness together.



My SF Makeup Show Pop-Up Wishlist

You guys. I need to go to The Makeup Show Pop-Up Shop in San Francisco on August 13 – 14 this year. Like, need to.

Arin (you remember Arin) recently shot me an email asking me if I’d like to come with her to cosmetics mecca, and after digging around for some information on The Makeup Show, I had to say yes. The tickets are only $44 USD for two full days of makeup shopping and learning heaven, and for that amount, you get extremely steep discounts on amazing brands like NARS, Makeup Forever, and more, plus you get to attend a ton of professional workshops and seminars giving you live demonstrations from pros on how to apply makeup like a boss.


If you live in San Francisco or the surrounding area and have a love of makeup, come meet me there! I’m attending both days with Arin and attempting to video blog the entire experience. … That is, if I can pull myself away from shopping long enough to actually film myself doing things. I’ve never been to a makeup-based event before, and I’m really freaking excited.

Much like attending a music festival, I want to go into The Makeup Show with a loose plan. This way, I’ll at least feel somewhat guided as I roam through the candy store that is the San Francisco Pop-Up Shop.

Behold, in alphabetical-by-brand order, my The Makeup Show Pop-Up Shop wishlist. Here, you’ll find all the items I’ve been lusting over from the brands showcasing at The Makeup Show that I hope to get with my exclusive event discounts.

RIP Wallet:

  • Ardell – Wispies, Demi Wispies (restocking on some favorites!)
  • Beautylish – Wayne Goss The Air-Brush (I’ve heard good things — I just wanna’ feel it in person!)
  • Ben Nye – Banana Powder (if Kim Kardashian uses it, I want to use it too)
  • Besame Cosmetics – 1969 Dusty Rose Lipstick
  • Blinking Beaute – Bombesque, Mademoiselle (put these on my eyes immediately)
  • Crown Brush – Freaking everything
  • GlamcorTec – Gorgeous Limited Edition Vanity (just kidding, I can dream)
  • House of Lashes – Starlet, Pixie Luxe (I’m obsessed with this brand)
  • Lashes In A Box – No. 13, No. 11 (I’ve never tried this brand before! I’m excited to check them out at TMS)
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER – #117 HD Foundation + Stick Formula
  • NARS – Sex Appeal Blush
  • RCMA – No Color Powder (I already have one of these, but I’d like to pick up 2 extra to give away as gifts to my family)
  • Violet Voss – Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette (I need this!), Drenched Metal Eyeshadow Palette (and this!)

I mean, realistically, I probably won’t be able to buy everything listed above. In fact, I’ll probably be so distracted by all the makeup brands I’ve never tested before that I’ll end up buying things I didn’t even plan for at other independent cosmetics booths. But that’s half the fun, right?

As for the makeup seminars, I mean … I’m going to attend as many as freaking possible, and I’m pretty sure Arin wants to do the same. Besides. I wouldn’t be doing my YouTube subscribers any favors if I didn’t learn a thing or two to share with them.

… But srsly, you guys. I need these two Violet Voss palettes. Omfg.


I am legit going to store this list in my iPhone notepad and keep it handy like a treasure map while I navigate this event. These palettes will be mine! /shakes fist.

Click here to purchase tickets to attend The Makeup Show Pop-Up Shop in San Francisco on August 13 – 14! Hope to see you there.

Karma Volleyball 2016

I am incredibly excited to debut traveling videos on my YouTube channel. I love creating beauty videos, but Tony and I get out a lot (who knows how he manages to get me out of my apartment, really — I’m such a homebody!), and it would be such a shame not to capture the fun we have around the world together.

In this video, we take you to Karma Volleyball in South Shore Lake Tahoe. It’s a local and not-widely-publicized volleyball tournament where the contestants compete in extremely drunken sports. If a match is carrying on too long, scantily clad girls carrying shot-skis march their way up to the courts and demand the players take shot after shot until a winner is finally determined. If the volleyball is ever hit out of bounds, players are forced into “boat races” — or in other words, beer chugging contests.

It’s a lot of good, clean fun, and it’s crazy.
We had a blast. ;)

A few of my subscribers have been asking us to do a “Meet My Boyfriend” video, and trust me, it’s on the way! Tony just wanted to get a haircut first before we sat down and filmed anything, which is why you haven’t seen him on my channel much. As you can see in this video, he finally got his hair trimmed up, sooooo … stay tuned.

I’m so happy to finally introduce YouTube to this goofball. I love his smile, and I’m sure you will too.

If you have any video requests, send them in! And thanks for watching + supporting.

RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick Swatches & Review

This is all I want to wear on my lips ever again. … I mean, until the next best thing comes along. But for now! For now, I say RealHer Moisturizing Lipstick is the best.

Get 20% off on the RealHer website with code: “HEYCHERI” – — And no, I don’t get commission for this. I just thought it would be nice to reach out and ask for you all, since I have so many awesome readers!


  • I Love Myself / Nude
  • I Define Beauty Myself / Mauve
  • Women Rule The World / Pink
  • Be Yourself Be RealHer / Deep Red
  • I Am Powerful / Wine

If you’re lazy and don’t want to watch the video review + only want to see the swatches on my lips, jump to the swatch video on my Instagram or Facebook Page and view it there! I cut it down to the most interesting parts. :)

Real Her Lipstick youtubethumb2 Real Her Lipstick1 Yeah

Don’t forget to subscribe to me on YouTube! I have so many fun new videos planned, and I can’t wait to film and upload them for everyone! Love you beauties.

Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest After Dark Palette Makeup Tutorial & Review


It’s taking everything in me not to gravitate straight to this every time I apply my makeup now. The Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest After Dark Palette palette makes the rest of my makeup collection look like a waste of money. If you’re fair-skinned like me, head to your nearest Sephora or Ulta and buy this immediately.

Products used to achieve this look:

Brushes used:

Great. You know what products I used. But more importantly, check out these flawlessly Photoshopped pictures of myself that make you think I’m prettier than I really am (whispers: “Marketiiiiiing”).


I love making YouTube thumbnails because it reminds me of all the crappy collages I was forced to make in high school. Guess I’m putting those useless skills to good use now, huh? HUH, MRS. PETERSON? HUH?! (Pssst. Mrs. Peterson isn’t a real person. I made her up. I don’t remember any of my teachers’ names. Jeez.)


Looking fondly at my Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest After Dark palette. I love you. Marry me.


Oooo! Ahhh!


Oh, you want fierce?

Rainforest After Dark

I’ll give you fierce!


Is anyone even reading these photo captions?


Thanks for hanging around, Beauties. Chat soon. ;)

Sultry Cranberry Angel Makeup Tutorial

You know your makeup is hot fire when you post selfies on Snapchat and everyone sends you private messages telling you they love it, Bae gets home and can’t stop telling you how pretty you look, and your Facebook followers blow up your comments.

If you’re fair skinned and warm toned like me, warm cranberry/maroon/burgundy/wine-red colors do wonders for the golden hues hidden in your skintone and make you glow. On cool toned skin, cranberry shades might wash you out, but on golden babes, you’re looking at a fun and sultry color that’s perfect for any season.


Products Used:


  • MAC 286, 227, 228, 226, 221, 168, 219, 252, 316
  • Marc Jacobs The Face III, The Bronze
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills #12
  • Luxie Beauty Tapered Highlighter
  • Sigma F25, E25, F35

If you love this look, have any requests or questions, or are inspired and create your own version of this makeup, drop me a comment. Shoot me a tweet! All that good stuff. Let me know on YouTube. Thanks for watching.