Outfit Planning: 3-Day Weekend with Tony’s Inner Circle

Normally, I’d assume meeting my new boyfriend’s entire family and all of his closest hometown friends would be absolutely terrifying, but if being with Tony has taught me anything, it’s that no matter who he introduces me to and no matter where we go, I will always feel happy, safe, and loved.

This weekend, we’re venturing out to Tony’s hometown in Reno, Nevada for a 3-day trip (yet another in the books) to meet almost everyone he loves in the world, and I. Am. Pumped.

Here’s what I’ll be wearing, because obviously I have to look good doing it …


For the drive up, I’ll be rocking one of the comfiest maxi-skirts in the world, a chill, ribbed crop top, and some white sneaks. Top it off with some chambray, and you’ve got yourself an easy day-to-night ‘fit for sunny Reno.

In this get-up, I’m grabbing dinner with his family, meeting his cousins, his aunts and uncles, and relaxing at the movies with him later in the evening.

Why a crop top and not some Easter Sunday dress to meet the fam? I’ll tell you why:

  1. Tony’s family (and the way he describes them) sounds awesome, and they aren’t so conservative that an outfit like this would put them off. No joke, the kid is blessed with cool, non-judgemental badasses in his life (just like me), and I’ve never felt more effortlessly welcome with a boyfriend’s loved ones than I have with Tony.
  2. It’s easy to make crop tops look classy if you rock ’em right. In fact, I wear crop tops to swanky work events all the time. Y’know. Cuz I’m a boss.
  3. It’s freaking Reno. Tony puts Reno like this: “Even people who are even slightly dressed up stand out. You can’t find a bar in Reno where people aren’t wearing flip-flops and cargo shorts. Reno is comfy.” Does being comfy mean hanging out in sweatpants every day? If so, I can totally deal with comfy.


Saturday evening is party night. That means lots of walking, lots of hugging crap-tons of new friends, lots of alcohol, lots of bar-hopping, and lots of bouncing back and forth between our hotel room and the strip (does Reno have a “strip”?) to restock on rage-fuel. My kinda’ night, baby.

“What the heck am I supposed to wear for that?” I ask, shoving Tony playfully. “I’ve never been to Reno — I don’t want to be too dressy.”
“Remember what you wore to that rooftop BBQ we went to with your friends?” He asks. “You looked so sexy in that. Wear something relaxed like that.”
“You thought I looked sexy?” I give him an impish smile, squeezing his bicep and waggling my brows at him.
“You look good in everything, babe,” he says, grinning back and kissing me.

This kid.
Always with the smart answers.
I see a lot of surprise-sex in his future.


Why wear two crop tops for the weekend when you can wear three?! … But seriously, I love crop tops. They go with freaking everything, and this daisy-dukes + butt-cheek-loving outfit is perfect for our last day in Reno together.

Sunday in Reno has a forecast of “chill”. Brunch with the homies, a little day-drinking, and a lot of relaxing in the sun. Then, after we’ve sobered up and had our fill of Nevada, we’ll be driving back home to San Francisco for our typical Sunday night in with snacks, HBO, and cuddling.

Doesn’t get much better than that.


This devious little shit is so perfect for me, it’s gross.

Wish me luck.

Gagging on cute-ness,

FestPop Review: Outside Lands 2015


“What are you saying?! Billy Idol could drop dead at any moment; there’s no way we’re missing that show!” My overenthusiastic friend, hopped up on a palm full of Molly and chugging pints of Heineken like his life depends on it, gestures toward the Lands End stage with an aggressive wave, sloshing his beer across the grass.
“Dude, I already said I was down for Idol,” I say, shooing him gently. “Get going already!”
“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” He continues, pivoting on his heels to survey his destination. “We’ve gotta’ get there now!” With a pointed nod, he takes off on a march, leading our large group of inebriated friends through Golden Gate Park and towards the Lands End stage.

I like to call the march between stages at Outside Lands the “Mass Exodus”. As each show ends, a huge surge of festival-goers crowd together elbow to elbow and stumble on towards their next favorite performer in the lineup. Billy Idol is Outside Lands 2015’s (OSL 2015) Saturday 5PM favorite, and anyone who appreciates a quality eargasm knows to be there.

“Everyone hold hands!” Our fearless leader calls, and one by one, we link up. We’ve begun a daisy chain, that classic festival move meant to help groups of friends snake easily through crowds without losing one another in the mayhem.
“Here!” One of my girlfriends reaches back towards me, shaking her empty hand insistently.
Smiling and more than a bit tipsy myself, I slip my hand into hers, letting her drag me along. I turn to look behind me and see my boyfriend cheesing, reaching for my hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze.
“The weather is perfect,” he says, pressing in to plant a kiss on my cheek.
“This is amazing,” I agree, squeezing his hand in return.


We fucking.

Want more? Read the full Outside Lands 2015 review on FestPop.

PS. Damn I love festival fashion.



Meet my boyfriend, Tony.

Before I tell you about my new relationship, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate. Pardon me while I freak out for a second with pure joy.


3 …

2 …

1 …



Let me just.
I can’t even.
I’m like.




I’m all:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 4.11.45 AM


… Okay.
Initial and totally dweeby/dorky/goofy freak-out over.
Thank you for putting up with me.

And now, the boyfriend.


Meet: Tony, the cutest boy I’ve ever met.

Tony is … He’s … Jeez. How do I describe him to someone who’s never met him?

My initial thought is to launch into every single detail about what makes him amazing, but having done this several times already with both girlfriends and family, it’s like: ouch, my throat hurts from walking so many people through how we met, how we got to know one another, why we get along, and how he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I guess I could start with how insanely physically attracted I am to him, but that should be obvious by the photo above. Of course we can’t keep our hands off of each other. I mean, duh. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As my CEO at work puts it, “Ahhh, new love.”
Or, as one of my best friends says, “I love new love!”

Not that we’re in love, or anything!

nervous laugh*super awkward laughter*

… But seriously, he’s the tits.

I write about him constantly. You haven’t seen any of this elusive writing because I haven’t posted any of it online (it’s pretty embarrassing, actually), but it remains the case that when I really like someone, I can’t help myself; I have to create things about them. And Tony is … Well. He’s my muse. He inspires me. He inspires me so much that the first time I laid eyes on him, I went home and wrote a song about him on my ukulele.

I know.

Are you ready for story time, kids?
Because here goes.

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