Introducing Work Wednesdays

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Just call me your stand-in CMO. In this new YouTube series tentatively titled “Work Wednesdays”, I’ll be giving away all my growth hacking secrets, tips, tricks, and advice to scaling your brand or startup and raising millions.

I engineer growth for a living, and yes, I am extremely expensive.

Now’s your chance to ask me anything you want, and you’ll get your questions answered for free.

Sounds like a deal to me.

Drop me a comment here, on my YouTube video, or Tweet me, Snapchat me, Instagram me, Facebook mewhatever, and I’ll answer the best and most popular questions on my channel!

See you next Wednesday.

~ Cheri

Get Ready With Me: Meet Arin

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Meet Arin, my BFF who keeps me in check, constantly makes me laugh like a crazy person, and who also happens to be an amazing makeup artist.

I invited Arin over to film this “Get Ready With Me (Us?)” video for YouTube because she is seriously one of the best makeup artists I know. It’s ridiculous that she doesn’t have her own channel yet, but don’t worry. I’ll force her to come back on mine as many times as I can.

If you love Arin as much as I do, drop us a comment, give the video a big thumbs up on YouTube, and subscribe.

Thanks for watching.

~ Cheri

PS. Before we go talking about whose makeup look is better (because it’s Arin’s, let’s all just agree to that right now), let me just say: it is so hard to get ready with someone while filming and while that person talks smack on you the whole time. Damn it, Arin! I demand a rematch.

My 5 Minute “I’M IN A RUSH” Makeup

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I didn’t invent this 5 minute “I’M IN A RUSH!” look for YouTube. I invented it for myself out of necessity, and I’ve had to use it on multiple occasions. It wears well on my combination/oily skin, and I always get compliments on how nice my skin looks (surprise: I’m wearing makeup, bitches).

The first time I used it was after my boyfriend “surprised” me with an impromptu trip to see our friends on a day when my skin was awful. I needed to cover up quickly and make myself look presentable, lest everyone think I was a monster. Being the sweetheart he is, he quickly pulled over to the side of the road where I pulled these exact products out of my purse (I always keep them with me) and applied everything exactly as you’ll see in this video.

Tadaa; the 5-minute “I’m in a rush” look was invented.

The second time I used this look was when visiting my family for the weekend. I never bring a full makeup kit to see my family because, well, it’s my family. But I do always carry these few items in my bag. My sister surprised me by inviting me to a friend’s party, but we only had a few minutes to get ready! This look worked in a pinch yet again.

You’ll find all the products used in this video listed in the description of the YouTube video.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment and show me some love on YouTube! … Especially after YouTube shut down my old makeup channel. :'( Yes, that still makes me sad. 2MM+ views down the drain.

~ Cheri

PS. I swear I’ll get over my Korean skincare and makeup obsession eventually.